Costume Designer Johanna Argan is a Los Angeles based designer by way of New York. She has been around clothes most of her life, dating back to the NY garment business owned by her father when she was a child. Her own career with wardrobe began in prestigious fashion companies such as Dolce & Gabbana and Issey Miyake. After migrating to Los Angeles in 2002 her interests shifted to a career in costume design. A long working career with Netflix series House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey began. Her most recent work includes Amazon’s Hand of God, TNT’s Agent X, the films Shrink, Father of Invention, and Killers, as well as several other commercials and photo shoots.

To date, she has received one Emmy nomination and four Costume Designers Guild Award nominations. Including three for her work on House of Cards and one for an E*Trade commercial.